It may not be a Happily Ever After, but its Better than I Imagined!

***DISCLAIMER***I am not an advocate for divorce. I believe strongly in the institution of marriage.  However, the epidemic of divorce spread to my home and I know it spreads inevitably and unfortunately to thousands more.  After the struggle and heartache, I have found happiness! I want to show you how I did it and offer encouragement that you can do the same!

I was 18 and had my own "happily ever after" all figured out.  I married a man who was my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first love.  We were going to build a family and a home together.  Life was going to be perfect and I had promised him forever.  When quite unexpectedly, he left my life with a one-way-express-divorce-ticket, I honestly thought my life had ended and I wasn't sure how I could ever have a "happily ever after" again.

The life I live now is so much more inspiring than the happily ever after I had originally picked out for myself.  This life was given to me.  And a huge part of it is the devilishly-handsome man I now call husband and the 4 beautiful kids that call me "mom".  At long last, I've found my happiness.

Happiness is not without its struggle.  Happiness is not a perfect life. Happiness is choosing to forgive those who have wronged you, choosing your children's happiness over your own, and choosing to improve yourself and your relationships.  Happiness is a choice.

Divorce can take a lot of things away, but it can't take away your choices.  As I near a decade since the finalization of my divorce, I find that the daily choices I need to make are becoming more complex.  Especially as my children grow older and have choices to make of their own, I find myself growing with them. I decided to start this blog to share with you the choices I've made, how they have worked for me and my kids, and invite other divorced moms to share their experiences.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you return often!  Everyone has happiness available to them after a divorce, I hope we all reach out and take it!